Chairman's Message

Dato' Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Khalid Al Msafir

AIS is committed to providing a comprehensive educational experience that cultivates its students’ talents, interests, and aspirations. The school believes that education should be a source of pleasure, inspiration, and satisfaction, instilling a lifelong appreciation for learning. To accomplish this, AIS has implemented a hybrid teaching system that combines in-person and online classes, ensuring that students continue to receive an education even if they are absent due to medical leave or suspected illness. This approach allows for flexibility and adaptability to meet the diverse requirements and circumstances of students, ensuring educational continuity regardless of unforeseeable events.

The Strategic Committee at AIS functions as a crucial pillar in aiding the school in the development of strategies to improve the current educational system. It plays a crucial role in analysing current practises, identifying areas for development, and formulating effective strategies to enhance students’ overall educational experience. The committee is composed of seasoned educators, administrators, and stakeholders with a multitude of knowledge and expertise. Their unique perspectives allow for a thorough analysis of the school’s current practises, strengths, vulnerabilities, opportunities, and threats.

The Strategic Committee collects valuable input and feedback from instructors, parents, and students through a collaborative and data-driven approach. This approach ensures that the developed strategies are aligned with the desires and requirements of the entire AIS community. They conduct exhaustive research and analysis, taking into consideration emerging trends, technological advances in education, and international best practises. They investigate innovative teaching strategies, curriculum enhancements, and initiatives that nurture a holistic learning environment.

Through their strategic planning, collaborative approach, and dedication to excellence, the Strategic Committee at AIS functions as a driving force in enhancing the existing educational system. Through its strategic planning, collaborative approach, and dedication to excellence, the committee enables AIS to provide a world-class education that equips students to flourish in a constantly changing world.
In 2023, the collaboration between AIS and numerous universities will provide numerous benefits and opportunities for the institution, its faculty, and its students. One of the primary reasons for collaborating with these prestigious institutions is to provide AIS staff with opportunities for professional development. By providing access to a variety of training programmes, workshops, and courses, AIS can enhance their skills, knowledge, and expertise, allowing them to provide high-quality education and keep abreast of the most recent pedagogical practises and technological advances in their respective disciplines. Moreover, collaborating with numerous institutions provides AIS with a pool of qualified interns who can contribute their newly acquired academic knowledge. This comprehensive educational experience cultivates students' talents, interests, and aspirations, empowering them with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in a world that is constantly evolving. Lastly, the collaboration between AIS and Kong Zi Institute in partnership with UM (University of Malaya) is a significant initiative that aims to give AIS students the opportunity to learn Mandarin and take internationally recognised Chinese language exams, such as the HKT (Standardised Chinese Language Exam) and YCT (Youth Chinese Test). The curriculum will promote cultural awareness and Mandarin fluency, providing a well-rounded language learning experience that promotes cultural awareness and skill development for academic and professional endeavours. The AIS mini-zoo provides students with numerous benefits, including opportunities for interdisciplinary learning and the ability to incorporate ducks and rabbits into a variety of subjects. The renovation of the Primary Campus demonstrates AIS's dedication to enhancing the learning environment. The objective of the renovation project is to address existing infrastructure constraints, modernise outmoded facilities, and integrate new technologies and educational approaches. The process of renovation will likely entail architectural redesign, structural improvements, electrical and plumbing upgrades, and aesthetic enhancements. Overall, the renovation of 80% of the existing Primary Campus demonstrates AIS's dedication to providing its students with a modern and compelling learning environment.

The establishment of cultural residences is a step in the right direction towards fostering cultural diversity and mutual understanding between communities. In collaboration with The Alumni Society of Chinese Studies at the University of Tunku Abdul Rahman, the Chinese Cultural House provides a venue for students to learn about Chinese culture, language, and traditions. In collaboration with the Malaysia-Pakistan Business Council (MPBC), the Pakistani Cultural House hosts events such as Pakistani Independence Day celebrations, Urdu language courses, and cultural exchange programmes.
Financial literacy is an essential skill for individuals to effectively manage their personal finances in today's society. This curriculum has been adopted as a school-wide programme, and the combination of financial literacy and robotics is a potent one that helps individuals develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities.
The Heritage Department is in charge of preserving the school's history and disseminating the new AIS logo. The department monitors the use of the school's brand by external parties to ensure that it is consistent with the institution's values and mission. The department collaborates closely with the school's marketing and communications team to ensure that the new logo is effectively incorporated into all marketing and communications materials. AIS's After-School Child Care Programme is intended to assist parents who are too busy to pick up their children promptly after school. The programme provides students with a secure and nurturing environment until their parents can retrieve them. The After-School Care Programme provides a structured schedule that includes recreational activities, assignment assistance, and opportunities for enrichment.
On the shoulders of AIS's exceptional educators rests the educational journey's success. Teachers are devoted guides who motivate and direct students towards academic excellence. AIS equips educators with opportunities for professional development and encourages them to adopt innovative teaching strategies that foster active student engagement and a passion for knowledge. Together, AIS strives for educational excellence, instills inquiry in each student, and moulds the minds that will lead us to a better future.