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Academic Staff


Mohamed Salum Mohamed
Acting Principal and Head of Cambridge

PhD in Business Administration
Sutha Sankaran
Academic Head of Secondary cum Head of Language Department

Masters in TESL
Darveen A/L Selvarajah
Head of Academics (Asst.)

Ph.D. student – (Cybersecurity Education – IT)
Daliya Almsafir
Head of Cambridge

PhD Chemical & Environmental Engineering
MSc Chemical & Environmental Engineering
Choong Abduraheem
Cambridge Exams Officer

Diploma in Production Engineering
Waleed Almsafir
Head of E-Learning

Masters in Information Technology
Wendy Gan
Sales & Marketing Manager

Bachelor in Business Management

Secondary & Primary

Sharifah Zahra Binti Syed Ab Rahman
Physics, Math, Add math Teacher

MSc in Astrophysics
Ms Santhiraleka A/P Kulanthavelu

Bachelor in Education(Tesl)
Jaspir Kaur
French Teacher

French for foreign Studies
Thusharni A/P Vegiyan
English Teacher

Masters of Education (Med)
Punitha Narayanasamy
Science (primary) and Chemistry (Secondary) Teacher

Bachelor of Degree in Education Science (Minor Chemistry)
Ms Mathuri Marimuthu
Mathematics Teacher

Masters in education ( Major in Mathematics )
Priangkah Tamodharan
Malay and Maths Teacher

Master of Art(Language and Linguistics)
Mr Rakesh Chandar
P.E. Teacher

Bachelor of Science in Sports Science

Kindergarten 1 & Kindergarten 2

Marie Pamela Steven
Head of KG

Diploma in Fashion Design & Pattern Drafting
Athirajuloo Nookiah

Diploma in Business Admin