Visa/Pass Processing

Section A - Ministry of Education

Section B - Student Pass

Required Documents

  • Student Pass Application Form (2 Original). Click here.
  • Student Personal Data Form (2 Original). Click here.
  • Personal Bond (Under school responsibility).
  • Full Passport copy (All Pages) & Visa copies (If any).
  • Passport first page and current Visa/Pass page for parents.
  • 4 Passport size photos with blue background.
  • Student Birth Certificate (1 Original and 1 Copy both endorsed by respected embassy).
  • Confirmation Letter for a family (1 Original endorsed from respected embassy).

Section C - Guardian Pass

  • The school can only provide supporting letter for the parents/guardians.

Section D - Visa/Pass Processing Fees

  • Visa processing fee of RM500.
  • Guardian letter fee of RM500.
  • Deposit of Security Bond fee. Click here.